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Blended Learning Videos


Blended Learning You Tube Channel.


YouTube Playlist from NAIS: Thinking About Technology and Blended Learning (35 short videos)


Blended Learning 101 and series of blended learning interviews - Silicon Schools Fund & Christensen Institute: https://www.khanacademy.org/partner-content/ssf-cci/sscc-intro-blended-learning/sscc-overview-blended-learning/v/sscc-blended-thecase 




Videos show what blended learning looks like (March 2015)


The organization, Better Lesson in partnership with the Learning Accelerator, has produced over 50 short videos (3-5 minutes each) where teachers share strategies in applying blended learning. Real teachers from New York to California and at a variety of grade levels, show how technology can personalize learning. 



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