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Join the Blended Teacher Network (it’s free): www.blendedteachernetwork.org.


Belief Statement: Our belief is that when blended learning is implemented in an effective way, that students, teachers, classrooms and schools are transformed into greater engagement in learning that results in more personalized learning and student achievement. 


News Articles and Blogposts About Blended Learning




Blended Learning: The great new thing or the great new hype?




Where blended meets personalized learning – and gets results (Washington DC Public Schools)


This school district spent a year planning their blended learning implementation that started in 2012. Now, preliminary results show the planning has resulted in better student engagement and achievement. A combination of grants and ongoing funds ensure its sustainability over time.


Choose to be Vulnerable (Jewish Day Schools)


Moving into blended learning can be challenging for most teachers. This blog entry discusses ways to be vulnerable. Vulnerable is not weakness, it is our most accurate measure of courage.


Why I teach where I teach (Philadelphia, Pa)


This writer discusses how he and his colleagues employed a bottom up strategy to shift the culture of learning throughout their high school in Philadelphia. This entry identifies the many shifts in student learning that happened with blended learning and how it was accomplished. 


Videos show what blended learning looks like


The organization, Better Lesson in partnership with the Learning Accelerator, has produced over 50 short videos (3-5 minutes each) where teachers share strategies in applying blended learning. Real teachers from New York to California and at a variety of grade levels, show how technology can personalize learning. 


Blended learning: Policy issues and best practices


Blended learning is not about the technology but about how teachers use technology to take learning to the next level. Overall, planning how to implement a blended learning program is important as well as the infrastructure to support it.


The Evolution of Blended Learning


The author provides thoughts about the evolving blended learning field. He explains that blended learning is an evolving, dynamic organism that cannot be forced into a custom template. Also includes a graphic illustrating the 10 drivers of blended learning.


What happens when computers pick what students learn?


When blended learning is effective, there is a technology component that informs both the teacher and the student about learning progress. Based on student quizzes, the computer recommends a lesson for the teacher to teach. Read how this is working with sixth graders in this Brooklyn, New York school.


100,000 free digital textbooks hit the web


One of the areas for blended learning implementation is content. The non-profit company, CK-12 has been working with teachers since 2007 to create digital textbooks for most subjects. Content is available in most courses and subjects from K-12. Direct link to CK-12: http://www.ck12.org/student/


Hechinger Education Report about Blended Learning. Variety of articles about blended learning. http://hechingerreport.org/special-reports/blended-learning/ 



Milpitas Unified (Ca) Further Invests in Blended Learning. Through passage of a local bond, this school district continues to transform schools into blended learning. http://www.mercurynews.com/milpitas/ci_27460190/milpitas-unified-wraps-up-second-phase-measure-e 


In Spring City, Hybrid (blended) Learning Sends Test Scores Soaring (Philadelphia)


This K-4 school equipped its students with access to computer and iPads. Over a two-year period, student scores improved. Overall, students spent more time on digital devices than coloring.


The Next Big Thing in Technology?


The director of a statewide virtual school program discusses predictive analytics and how their application provides a more personalized learning environment for students. Amazon is one of the lead companies in providing the type of granular analytics / formative assessment data that teachers need to customize learning on a daily basis for all students.


The Heavy Hitters Behind a Fund Focused on K-12 Blended Learning


This articles describes how the Silicon Schools Fund based in California funds a number of both traditional and charter blended learning schools. Blended learning isn’t going away; the challenge is doing it right.


American Association of Educators Survey Supports Blended Learning


In a survey of their members these educators indicated their support for school choice, teacher preparation and leadership, and the implementation of blended learning. This survey provides a glimpse into how educators feel with a variety of school reform initiatives. 











Blended Learning, It's Not the Tech; It's How the Tech is Used. Rocketship co-founder Preston Smith shares how blended learning, when implemented in the right way can transform learning. Blended learning is and will continue to be a critical element of a 21st century education, but only if executed with intentionality and precision.


Summit Friends Facebook to Expand Personalized Learning Platform (from EdSurge). Shares how Summit Public Charter schools are continuing to build a personalized learning software platform with the help of Facebook engineers. The tool gives students the ability to set their own learning goals, control over content delivery and access to their own data.  


Creating and Signaling Value for Blended Learning Teachers. This blogpost from the Christensen Institute discusses the Leading Edge Certification that primarily takes place in California for those interested in becoming certified blended learning teachers. But the question becomes, will this certification (or any certification like it) matter? 


San Juan Unified in California moving to digital learning.



Here's a list of 15 European edtech startups you should memorise (Tech.eu)

From free e-learning platforms that democratize higher education to online homework help communities, edtech startups of all stripes are popping up. http://tech.eu/features/2956/european-edtech-mooc-startups/ 


Statistician explores how faculty can excel in blended learning  environments (Emory University News and Events)

Dziuban explained this and more about today's blended learning  environment in a recent speech entitled "Teaching and Learning in an Evolving World" http://news.emory.edu/stories/2014/10/er_blended_learning_talk/campus.html 



DC Teacher finds success with blended teaching. (Hechinger Report, 10/15/14) Students and teacher find success with blended learning in a high school English classroom. 



Edutopia provides an area for blended learning resources including videos, blogposts and tips. This series of blogposts regarding blended learning is from a Middle School Principal in Mentor, Ohio:


Three Ways Blended Learning Makes Teachers More Efficient provides a look at blended learning as combining a variety of learning environments and allowing each student to learn in the way that suits him or her best.


Better Lesson Announces Eleven Masters of Blended Learning shares the names of teachers who qualified as blended learning teachers out of a pool of 170 applicants. Better Lessons explains the selection process here.


Edison School Trying New “Blended Learning Program” explains how juniors and seniors in Richmond, Ohio are participating in this pilot program and do some of their work online and at their own pace.


To Live and Teach in LA: Edtech Initiatives from 10 SoCal Districts discusses how administrators and teachers from throughout Los Angeles met and discussed how their schools are utilizing blended learning.


Blended Schools Network Professional Development Courses Move to Udemy provides a variety of professional development about blended learning for teachers at a cost of $99 per course.




A national model of what it takes for schools to go digital. Blended learning increases engagement for all students. From Mooresville, North Carolina.



Blended Learning Revolution: Tech Meets Tradition (Blended learning discussion from Daly City School District in Ca as well as Rocketship Schools in Ca)



Blended learning used for summer school in Baltimore Public Schools.



Notes from blended learning gathering of independent schools.



Kansas City Schools design a digital learning school with digital learning spaces.



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