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Join the Blended Teacher Network (it’s free): www.blendedteachernetwork.org.


Belief Statement: Our belief is that when blended learning is implemented in an effective way, that students, teachers, classrooms and schools are transformed into greater engagement in learning that results in more personalized learning and student achievement. 


Blended Learning Research and Reports


Research and Books




  • A Guide to Implementing Digital Learning (SETDA). Provides a web based tool with links to other reports as well as reports from the field. The six areas covered in this implementation guide are: planning, professional support, content and software, broadband, devices and tech support. 
  • Network Essentials for Superintendents. This guide from Education Superhighway provides important information for any education leaders who wants to understand the network infrastructure critical for schools. The network should be fast enough to meet your educational needs, cost-effective and maintainable over time. 
  • Reimagining Teaching in a Blended Classroom. This report by TNTP focuses on the importance of every child having a quality teacher. This report provides excellent charts and idea about the skills needed by a blended learning teacher. Ultimately, teachers in a digital world need to be researchers and developers, integrators and guides. 
  •  The Curriculum of the Future: How Digital Content is Changing Education. This report completed by the Center for Digital Education provides important information about what the future holds. Along with various charts suggesting a direction of digital curriculum, several thought leaders weigh in about the future of curriculum which may be largely digital and open and free. 
  • Schools and Software: What's Now and What's Next. The Christensen Institute issued this report to provide information about the type of software needed by schools. Among other things, this report surveyed 30 education leaders in small to medium sized school districts and suggests that BYOD is the future. 
  • Student Mathematics Performance in the First Two Years of Teach to One: Math. This report documents a blended learning approach in math classrooms in more than 10 schools in grades 6-8 on the east coast of the U.S.




  • Handbook of Research on K-12 Online and Blended Learning. This 500-page report provides the most up-to-date research and policies about blended and online learning. Find all of the research, reports and important papers documented all in one place.   
  • Keeping Pace with K-12 Digital Learning. Provides a state by state overview regarding online and blended learning policy and practice. This is the 11th year of this report.   
  • Personalized learning interim report from Rand and Gates Education. Provides information about the common elements that lead to personalized learning including learner profiles, personal learning paths, competency-based progression and flexible learning environments.
  • Lighting the Path to Personalized Learning from Getting Smart in partnership with the Next Generation Learning Challenges Grant schools. Highlights schools across the U.S. who have followed three design principles: high expectations for college readiness, personalized learning for all students and a school model optimized for scale.










Mean What You Say from iNACOL (Oct. 2013). Provides definitions and information about the terms: blended learning, personalized learning and competency education. Discusses how these concepts interact with one another. 


And others:




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