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Updated: 12/9/14

Join the Blended Teacher Network (it’s free): www.blendedteachernetwork.org.


Belief Statement: Our belief is that when blended learning is implemented in an effective way, that students, teachers, classrooms and schools are transformed into greater engagement in learning that results in more personalized learning and student achievement. 



Presentations/recordings by a variety of organizations about blended learning. Usually interviews with people engaged in blended learning in some way. Links below will either open a Blackboard Collaborate or Google Hangout session.


Recent Recordings / Archives Related to Blended Learning




Best Practices for Blended Learning (Nov). A Recap of Connected Educator Month Blended Learning Strand. Discussed various aspects of blended learning with Mike Lawrence, Adina Sullivan, Brian Bridges and Rob Darrow. 


What is Blended Learning and What are the Best Implementation Strategies? (Oct. 6, 2014)

  • Discussed the ongoing definition of blended learning and implementation strategies.
  • Panel Members Heather Staker, Christensen Institute; Allison Powell, iNACOL; Mike Lawrence, CUE; and Rob Darrow, Blended Teacher Network 
  • Recording Here. *** Slide deck here.  


Blended Learning and Teaching. What does it take to be an effective blended teacher? (Oct. 13)

  • Discussed what it really mean to be a blended learning teacher. 
  • Panel: Blended Learning Teachers: Meghan Jacquot, English teacher,Fusion Academy, California; Haley Hart, Science teacher, EAA, Detroit, Michigan; Jeff Gerlach, 7th Grade Social Studies / Instructional Designer, Michigan Virtual University, Detroit, Michigan; Brian Thornley, Algebra II Honors teacher, Huntley, Illinois; Lesley Farmer, Professor, Librarianship, California State University, Long Beach, California; 
  •  Recording   *** Slide Deck 


Blended Learning and Leadership. What are the best ways for administrators to support blended learning? (Oct. 20)

  • Discussed barriers and solutions to blended learning leadership.
  • Panel: Blended Learning Leaders, Administrators and Support Teachers: Anna Gu, Research Assistant, Christensen Institute, California; Anne Pasco, Blended Learning/Ed Tech Department Chair, Huntley High School, Huntley, Illinois; Brian Bridges, Coordinator eLearning Strategies Symposium; California eLearning Census; Travis Phelps, St. Justin Catholic School, San Jose, California.  
  • Recording *** Slide Deck


Reflections and Insights about Blended Learning. (Oct. 27, 2014)

  • Discussed key aspects of blended learning including the importance of professional development, and how we need to talk about verbs rather than nouns to better engage learners.

  • Panel: Andrea Ferrero, Manager, Blended Learning, CFY, NY;  Tina Silverstein, Instructional Designer, Alameda County Office of Education, Ca.;  Lee Collver-Richards, Teacher, Los Angeles USD, Ca.;  Adina Sullivan, Education Technology Coordinator, San Marcos Unified, San Marcos, Ca.Rob Darrow, CUE / Blended Teacher Network,Ca. 

  • Recording *** Slides


  • Blended Teacher Competencies (iNACOL, Oct). Overview of the recently released document from iNACOL. Featuring Allison Powell, Kathryn Kennedy and Barbara Treacy. 



North Carolina Virtual School and Blended Learning from iNACOL. The Consortium for Educational Research and Evaluation–North Carolina is evaluating North Carolina’s use of Race to the Top (RttT) funds to develop up to nine STEM-based high school courses to be delivered to underserved students through the North Carolina Virtual Public School (NCVPS) via a blended learning model.

Recording ** Slide Deck ** Report Document 





A Day in the Life of a Blended Learning Teacher from iNACOL. Two teachers, one from New York City and one from Detroit, MI share how blended learning looks in their classrooms. 

Recording ** Slide Deck


Blended Learning Pedagogy from iNACOL. Several experts share about the professional development used to help teachers transform into blended learning. 

Recording ** Slide Deck


Blended Learning Observations from iNACOL. This webinar focused on observation, evaluation and professional support of teachers in an online or blended learning environment. DeLaina Tonks, Principal of Mountain Heights Online Charter Academy in Utah, and Steve Henderson, Principal of San Francisco Flex Academy in California, shared administrative leadership strategies to support educators in online and blended learning schools and programs.

Recording *** Slide Deck
Mountain Heights Course Evaluation Form
Mountain Heights Teaching Standards Evaluation Template
Mountain Heights Teacher Portfolio
San Francisco Flex Academy Observation Form
San Francisco Flex Academy Breakout Observation Rubric


Approaches to Evaluating Blended Learning Programs from iNACOL. Administrators from SIA Tech in California and EAA in Detroit Michigan discuss formative and summative evaluation techniques for blended learning. 

Recording *** Slide Deck





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